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  1. Keith

    Pacific Crane At Cattail Pond In Wychwood Forest.

  2. Keith

    Roos As Seen From The Computer Room Window.

    Buck roo. Another buck roo. Female or doe roo. Between the tail & the right rear leg you can see the huge pouch hanging down. This is because there is a fairly large joey still in the pouch! Keith.
  3. Keith

    Henry's Wood Trail Camera.

    When I went to pick up the camera this morning, something or someone had unlatched & opened the control panel cover. Take note of the last frame at night, is this whiskers you can see? Keith.
  4. Keith

    Trying To Spot The Egg Thief!

    Whatever has been stealing our eggs has also stolen our china eggs!!! There is no sign in this video of anything entering the chook house, only animals in & outside of the chook yard, plus something which has triggered the camera on two occasions which I have not been able to identify! Keith.
  5. Keith

    Foraging. Not Just Food.

    When you are in the woods or anywhere else in the country you need to pay attention to your surroundings & what lies on the ground. Foraging is a part of daily life, whether you are checking the trap line, fetching water or hunting. Food of course is important, so you will be keeping your eyes...
  6. Keith

    Hunter Gatherer The Trail Snare.

  7. Keith

    Hunter Gatherer Traps & Trapping. The Small Game Snare.

  8. Keith

    Bugging Out. Reading The Signs & Understanding Animals.

    As a woodsman I have lived almost my entire life in the country, & as such I have learned to understand the language of the local wildlife. Understanding what the animals are telling you is important if you want to survive post shtf, you have to sleep sometime, you can not always be on your...