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  1. Camping in Glen Derry

    Camping in Glen Derry

    Camping in Glen Derry in the Cairngorms
  2. Camping in Glen Derry

    Camping in Glen Derry

    Cairngorms April 2019
  3. Rathwulven BC

    Wild Camping Autumn Overnighter On An Island

    No real explanation needed, we just went out to enjoy the last warm days of the year:
  4. Kitstaa

    Craghoppers hammock

    Hello folks and apologies for being inactive for a while (had a lot of exams etc.) I bought this hammock a few days to try out as I haven't been able to persuade myself to buy a hammock before! It was reduced to £22.50 and so I thought that now is the time to get one.. Took it out yesterday in...
  5. Keith

    Skills Do Any Of You Go Camping?

    Do any of you go camping with your bug-out equipment & practice skills? Keith.
  6. Keith

    Some Thoughts On Fire & Security.

    This post is brought about from a link that was recommended by lonewolf. At that link & saw a popular image of an "all night burning fire". Now on a winters night an all night fire may seem like a good idea, & there are several ways of accomplishing this, but post shtf an all night fire in my...
  7. M

    Bushcraft Search for land owners

    Hi guys New to the forum here and looking forward to learning a thing or two from you all, read some great threads so far! So the legalities of wild camping in the UK are pretty much known by all on here I guess, giving me the same issue I’m sure many of you do - how to find landowners in...
  8. Keith

    Making Camp.

    Most of my trekking & camping is done in winter here. Keith.
  9. Keith

    In A Woodsrunner's Camp.

    After seeing Mark's post I thought I would post this one. I find this one a bit long winded, I should have edited out the long lead in time. Still it is watchable if you find this sort of thing interesting. Keith.
  10. Keith

    Skills Skills List.

    This is a basic skills list that we have for our group members to learn & practice. It is historical, & it is for a long term wilderness living/survival situation. Woodsrunner’s Skills. New England Colonial Living History Group 1680-1760. This is a list of basic skills in which we expect an...
  11. Keith

    My Equipment List.

    This list is obviously not what you would expect a person to carry for a weekend of camping/bushcraft, but it is what I carry on all my treks regardless of the duration. Keith. My Equipment List. .62 cal/20 gauge flintlock fusil. 42 inch barrel. .70 caliber smoothbore flintlock pistol. Gun...
  12. Keith

    Exploring A Woodsrunner's day. Parts 1,2,& 3

  13. Keith

    Bushcraft How I Lay My Fire.

  14. Keith

    Bushcraft Making Camp.

  15. Keith

    Exploring A Woodsrunner's Day Part One.

    This is part one of a 5 video series on the the skills/equipment/lifestyle of an 18th century woodsrunner. If there is any interest shown I will gladly post the rest of this series if requested. Keith.
  16. Cloud Talker

    Skills Walk On Bras D'or Safely

  17. Cloud Talker

    Foraging Tapping Maple Trees For Sugar Part 3

  18. Cloud Talker

    Exploring Cloud Talker's Cabin Part 1

  19. Cloud Talker

    Cloud Talker's Camp Part 1

  20. Keith

    Lost Survival.

    Lost Survival. In an ordinary lost situation if you did the right thing & notified several people in regards to WHERE you were going & WHEN you intended to return, then all you have to do is sit tight & wait for someone to find you. This is of course providing you STOP as soon as you realise...