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  1. Leif

    Dakota Fire Pit

    The Dakota fire pit is a fire management system designed to use minimal fuel and with minimal signature. It requires a little elbow grease to produce the pit but once completed would last in a static camp fire a fair few days. The idea of cooking below ground is to minimise the fires visibility...
  2. Keith

    Some Thoughts On Fire & Security.

    This post is brought about from a link that was recommended by lonewolf. At that link & saw a popular image of an "all night burning fire". Now on a winters night an all night fire may seem like a good idea, & there are several ways of accomplishing this, but post shtf an all night fire in my...
  3. Keith

    Skills Reading Glass Fire Lighting.

  4. Keith

    Skills Training Weekend With Greens Rangers In The Uk.

    Just to give you some idea of the advantages in being a member of a living history group. It is a lot of fun, you can make new friends & you get to do some skills training. Keith.
  5. Keith

    In A Woodsrunner's Camp.

    After seeing Mark's post I thought I would post this one. I find this one a bit long winded, I should have edited out the long lead in time. Still it is watchable if you find this sort of thing interesting. Keith.
  6. Keith

    Bushcraft How I Lay My Fire.

  7. Cloud Talker

    Cloud Talker's Camp Part 1

  8. Keith

    Food & Water Peas Pudding.

  9. Keith


    Our house & water is heated by a wood fired heater & wood fired cooking stove, so we need to keep up a good store of firewood. Summer is our busiest time for cutting wood, we need to get a good store in for cooking all year round, & for heating during the winter months. Wood Poachers have...