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country living

  1. Keith

    Crops The New Berry Patch & Comeback After Hail Storm.

    Well I haven't quite finished the new berry patch yet, I still have the wires to install for the berries to climb on, but I cut two poles out of the copse today, debarked them both & used them as braces on top of the berry patch posts. As you can see the mushroom compost & manure has been...
  2. Keith

    A Man Of The Woods.

    This is a short doco on me made some years ago by a friend of my sons who was just starting out in the movie industry. I think this was at that time the first doco he had made. I thought you might find it of some interest. Keith.
  3. Keith

    Cottage Economy, By William Cobbett

    I have not had the time to read right through this as yet, but it looks like it may be very interesting. http://www.gutenberg.org/files/32863/32863-h/32863-h.htm
  4. Keith

    Alone In The Wilderness 2

  5. Keith

    The Shock & Horror!

    My wife reminded me this morning of some Japanese exchange students who visited here some years ago. They were staying with a school teacher in the city & via my sons asked if she could bring these students out to experience the bush. Their first shock & horror was seeing the animal skulls that...
  6. Keith

    Been Busy Here.

    An out of control bush fire just 6 kilometers away today! I started clearing brush the day before yesterday. I started thinking about all those tall saplings & decided & would try constructing a small palisade & shelter using these saplings instead of using the larger trees to construct a log...
  7. Keith

    A Nice Day Out In The 17th Century At Little Woodham.

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-3934816/A-nice-day-17th-century-Time-travelling-150-years-Little-Woodham-Hants-slice-yesteryear.html http://www.littlewoodham.org.uk/
  8. Keith

    Uses For Urine.

    Uses For Urine. Urine when it is fresh and free from infection, can be used to wash out wounds. Urine contains nitre. It can be used to soak plant tinders & it can be used instead of water when making gunpowder. Urine can be evaporated to produce potassium nitrate. Urine can be used as a...