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  1. Keith

    Skills Using An Axe Or Axemanship.

  2. Keith

    Skills Blade Sharpening & The Whetting Stone.

    I learnt to use this method many years ago from a chap who's occupation at that time was sharpening surgical blades for hospital surgeons. Keith. The Whetstone & file I carry in my pack. Honing & Whetstones 18th Century (Nottingham University Museum).
  3. Keith

    Survival Show Us Your Blades.

    Can you show us the blades that you would carry whilst trekking, camping, trapping or hunting (knives & axe). Keith.
  4. Keith


    Our house & water is heated by a wood fired heater & wood fired cooking stove, so we need to keep up a good store of firewood. Summer is our busiest time for cutting wood, we need to get a good store in for cooking all year round, & for heating during the winter months. Wood Poachers have...