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fire lighting

  1. Keith

    Skills Reading Glass Fire Lighting.

  2. Keith

    Skills Training Weekend With Greens Rangers In The Uk.

    Just to give you some idea of the advantages in being a member of a living history group. It is a lot of fun, you can make new friends & you get to do some skills training. Keith.
  3. Keith

    My Fire Bag.

    This is my fire bag, it is made of clothing weight leather & greased to make it waterproof. It contains my tinderbox. Rolling the top down keeps the water out & I carry this in my belt pouch. I had to swim my boat to shore one winter on the Great Lakes, hit by a sudden storm the boat was swamped...
  4. Keith

    In A Woodsrunner's Camp.

    After seeing Mark's post I thought I would post this one. I find this one a bit long winded, I should have edited out the long lead in time. Still it is watchable if you find this sort of thing interesting. Keith.
  5. Keith

    Survival Tinderlighters.

    As you can see these tinderlighters have candle holders attached. They are kept by the bed in case you have to get up in the night & need light. See how to use these in the "Skills" section of this forum. Keith.
  6. Keith

    Skills Tinderlighter Fire Lighting.

    You probably would not bother to carry a Tinderlighter in your bug-out bag, although you could, but as lonewolf has pointed out many times, in a major shtf situation where there is no electricity, we will be living in an 18th century technological society. In this day & age we have matches &...
  7. Keith

    Skills Gunpowder Tinder Fire Lighting.

    Please take care if using this method, you do not need much black powder to make it work! Keith.
  8. Keith

    Skills Making Dipped Candles.

  9. Keith

    Skills Recognising/identifying Punk Wood & More Part Three Final

  10. Keith

    Skills Recognising/identifying Punk Wood & More Part One.

    Punkwood/Punk wood/Wildfire is a plant tinder used in flint & steel fire lighting, Fire-Bow fire lighting & many other methods of primitive fire lighting. This tinder can be found where ever there is a forest or woodlands world wide. Keith.
  11. Keith

    Skills Field Preparation Of Plant & Fungi Tinders For Fire Lighting.

  12. Keith

    Skills Flint, Steel & Tinderbox Fire Lighting & Preparing Plant & Fungi Tinders.

  13. Keith

    Bushcraft Reading Glass Fire Lighting.

  14. Keith

    Bushcraft Preparing Plant & Fungi Tinders.

  15. Keith

    Bushcraft Flint & Steel Fire Lighting.

  16. Keith

    Bushcraft Making Sulphur Matches/Spunks.

  17. Keith

    Bushcraft Recognising Punk Wood.

  18. Keith

    Bushcraft The Joseph Method of Flint & Steel Fire Lighting.

  19. Keith

    Bushcraft NO "charcloth" Flint & Steel Fire lighting.

  20. Keith

    Primitive Fire Lighting Ebook.

    This book was written for people in Australia primarily, but I have included notes regarding plant & fungi tinders that are also available in the UK, Europe & America.