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global warming

  1. Keith

    People Can Handle The Truth About The Environment

  2. Keith

    Climate Change & Other Threats!

    Arctic permafrost thawing faster than ever, US climate study finds https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/dec/12/arctic-permafrost-sea-ice-thaw-climate-change-report Plans for major nuclear power station in Wales win green light...
  3. Keith

    Images From A Warming Planet - The Uk In Pictures

  4. Keith

    Before The Flood. A National Geographic Movie.

    My thanks to Mark Wilson for showing me this video. Keith. Everyone should watch this video.
  5. Keith

    Protect/save The Antarctic.

  6. Keith

    The Effects Of Global Warming/climate Change.

    https://www.businessinsider.com.au/terrible-effects-of-climate-change-2014-10?r=US&IR=T https://www.livescience.com/37057-global-warming-effects.html What are the potential impacts of climate change for the UK...
  7. Keith

    Healthcare Something I Had Not Thought Of! New Plagues Coming!!!

    Scientists have raised the issue of new old diseases being released by the global warming melting the ice. They say it is quite possible that these diseases have been lying dormant since before the coming of man. This means that we will have no immunity to these diseases, & we will have no...
  8. Keith

    David Attenborough: On Climate Change, Optimism And Blue Planet Ii

    This bloke is always worth listening to. https://unearthed.greenpeace.org/2017/09/25/david-attenborough-climate-change-science-storytelling-blue-planet-ii/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=gpeace&utm_content=6+-+David+Attenborough+We+arenrsquot+voices+&utm_campaign=weekly&source=weekly
  9. Keith

    Natural Disasters Or Man Made?

    Has anyone noticed the rise in frequency of environmental disasters of late? Earthquakes, cyclones, now there is a volcano about to erupt in Bali. The frequency of these disasters is making me wonder if this is anything to do with climate change. Here we are getting early bushfires due to...
  10. Keith

    Scientist Reveals Year Of Mass Global Extinction!

    Well if this is true the cat is well & truly out of the bag now. We knew about global warming/climate change over 40 years ago, & did nothing about it. Big Government & Corporatism stopped anything being done for the sake of making money. Well now it has all come home, if this is true, their...
  11. Keith

    Huge Earthquake In Mexico's South 'strongest In The Past 100 Years

    Global warming? Climate change? Earth's environment is in trouble no matter what you call it! Huge earthquake in Mexico's south 'strongest in the past 100 years https://au.news.yahoo.com/world/a/37011416/earthquake-hits-in-mexicos-south/
  12. Keith

    Hunter Gatherer Climate Change Drawing Squid, Anchovies And Tuna Into Uk Waters

    However, global warming is harming sea birds, such as puffins, fulmars, terns and razorbills, as the fish they rely on are driven north or deeper as waters warm. The analysis of the impact of climate on the UK’s seas, which draws on the work of 400 scientists, found a steady rise in water...
  13. Keith

    Fire Weather To Torch Europe And Us World Becomes Giant Tinderbox Ready To Ignite

  14. Keith

    Three Struck By Lightning As Sydney Superstorm Returns

    Three women have been struck by lightning and tennis-ball sized hailstones have pelted Sydney’s northwest amid another afternoon of thunderstorm chaos. https://au.news.yahoo.com/nsw/a/34445143/three-struck-by-lightning-as-sydney-superstorm-returns/#page1
  15. Keith

    The Final Countdown. Climate Change.

    Time is fast running out to stop irreversible climate change, a group of global warming experts warns today. We have only 100 months to avoid disaster. Andrew Simms explains why we must act now - and where to begin. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2008/aug/01/climatechange.carbonemissions
  16. Keith

    'covered In Dead Fish': Beachgoers Confronted By Unexplained Sight In Cornwall

  17. Keith

    Video Link.