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  1. Matt

    A Calendar Of Foraged Food In The UK

    January Cowberry, Chickweed, Common Sorrel, Crow Garlic, Hairy Bittercress, Wood Sorrel, Winter cress, Wild Cabbage, February Nettle, Chickweed, Common Sorrel, Crow Garlic, Dandelion Root, Hairy Bittercress, Wood Sorrel, Winter cress, Wild Cabbage, March Black Mustard, Chickweed, Common...
  2. HillBill

    Five Pound Sharpening Kit

    Now, if you have £30-£40 to invest in a set of water stones, plus £20 for a razor strop and £20 for a great chef steel, you can get a razor edge on your knife. I do mean shaving sharp. But what if you haven’t? Well a friend of mine challenged me to get a beaten up Mora to shave for under five...
  3. HillBill

    Selecting An Axe

    These few notes are intended to help the newcomer to picking out an axe that is suitable for their purposes. They aren't a complete guide to axemanship or intended to be such, just more of a "bluffers guide" to selecting an axe suitable for your purpose. Parts Of The Axe Before we get into...
  4. HillBill

    The Science Of Fire

    1 Making Fire Ever wondered why if you blow on a candle it goes out, but when a blacksmith blows on a forge it gets hotter? Why when you light birch bark with a spark it flames but a cramp ball just glows? Wood shavings catch fire more easily than branches? Why a chimney makes a fire burn...
  5. stephenjames213

    Penny Stove Guide

    So I'm sure that all of you have seen some of the articles out there about making camping/hiking stoves out of aluminium cans. I look at them all the time, but they have one big flaw. Most of them don't have enough pictures, don't explain how the stove works and have very vague directions. I...
  6. Gambo

    Scopes Explained - A Basic Guide

    This guide may be helpful to newcomers to the sport of Airgunning, with regard to the basic specification nomenclature of scopes. Many people can become confused by the vast array of numbers and letters which accompany the manufacturers name of a scope, and which explain what properties it has...
  7. HillBill

    The Science Of Water

    Over the years I have read an awful lot about water purification. Some of it was good advice. Some of it contained a few mistakes, exaggerations or inflated manufacturers claims. Some was flat out wrong. A while ago I wrote an article that looked at the science of how fire works and how to...
  8. HillBill

    How To Sharpen An Axe

    The techniques used in here are intended to provide not only a sharp axe but also a safe and efficient axe. Before we begin, its useful both to define the terms we will use and also to examine what we are setting out to achieve. Parts Of The Axe: Below is a jargon key to the parts of an axe...
  9. Woodland

    A Guide To Stoves

    Here is a little guide to what you need to know when considering buying a stove. There are a million stoves to choose from, some great, some entirely useless. From tiny pocket stoves to family sized barbecue grills, the world of outdoor cooking is massive and initially confusing. To make things...
  10. stephenjames213

    Billy Bushcraft Oven

    I recently went camping with my eldest daughter when she asked "Daddy, how do you make bread?". I then had the daunting task of trying to explain the finer arts of baking bread to a four year old child, which to be fair, is like saying to a blind man, "did you see that cat?". As we started...