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  1. Keith

    Survival Cannons For Retreat Defence.

    At this present time, owning a cannon would be frowned upon, but after it has all gone to hell in a hand cart & there is no longer any law enforcement to protect us:rofl::rofl::rofl:, then anything goes, right? So, if you are looking for some big guns, now is the time to get them. You can pick...
  2. Keith

    Hunter Gatherer All About Flintlocks. Part Eleven. Carrying Gunpowder.

    The traditional method of carrying gunpowder is to use a powder horn, & in my opinion this is still the best method. The base plug in a powder horn should NEVER be glued to secure it in the horn. This base plug is a safety release should the horn explode. The base plug blows out & releases the...
  3. Keith

    Hunter Gatherer All About Flintlocks. Part Four. Wet Weather Hunting.

    Obviously I avoid hunting in wet weather, but sometimes it id necessary. Some people naturally assume that you can not use a flintlock when it is raining, but this is not the case. Gunpowder will attract moisture, but really it is not as drastic as often portrayed. There are three things you...
  4. Keith

    Survival Long Term Equipment Choices For Bugging Out.

    Why I Carry A Ball Mould.
  5. Keith

    Safe & Secure Loading 12 Gauge Brass Cartridges With Black Powder.