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  1. likkylok

    Experiences buying from huntingandknives?

    Hi all, I recently purchased a knife from huntingandknives.co.uk. It's been a over 2 weeks since the order was placed (payment was made via PayPal), and although I did get an order confirmation email the day the order was placed, I haven't had any further emails or shipping/tracking...
  2. Keith

    Hunter Gatherer Stalking Game.

  3. Keith

    Hunter Gatherer On Meat Alone.

    On Meat Alone. Copyright Keith. 18/4/11 The list of period foods is quite long, but whose foods are they? Would a woodsrunner bother to carry dried peas, parched corn, oats & currents? Somehow I don’t think so. It all adds to the weight, & sooner or later it has to run out, & what then? Well, he...
  4. Keith

    Hunter Gatherer Health & Hunting Wild Boar.

  5. Keith

    Hunter Gatherer Basic Game Meat Field Care

  6. Keith

    Skills Tomahawk Throwing & How To Throw A Tomahawk For Beginners.

    Tomahawk or axe throwing is a good survival skill to learn, as it can be used in defence, & for hunting. Tomahawk throwing is also a competition sport & good entertainment when you have some free time. Keith.
  7. Keith

    Skills Skinning & Butchering Game.

  8. Keith

    Food & Water Fauna Foods In The Uk.

    I thought perhaps a list of food animals available in the UK might be a good idea, especially those less thought of these days. My Father was born in 1904, I I remember him telling me about how the poorer village children would hunt for food using sticks & catapults. So I will start off this...
  9. Keith

    Hunter Gatherer The Whys & Wherefores Of Survival Hunting.

    First of all I must explain that I am not a sporting shooter, I only hunt for food or in order to kill a feral predator. Hunting for food is a lot different to hunting for sport. When you are hunting for food, especially in a survival situation, it is vitally important that you bring home the...
  10. Keith

    Hunter Gatherer All About Flintlocks. Part Two.

    A lot of people when they first venture into the world of muzzleloaders choose to purchase a percussion lock muzzle-loader. There is nothing wrong in this, these percussions work just fine. The only reasons I prefer a flintlock over a percussion is because the percussion requires caps to make...
  11. Keith

    Safe & Secure Flintlock Muzzle-loading Guns, Rifles & Pistols.

    This post is in response to earlier requests for more information on firearms. I do NOT consider my guns to be weapons, I think of them as tools, but of course they can be used for defence as well as hunting & in the case of a flintlock, the lock can be used to make fire. My .32 caliber...
  12. Keith

    Hunter Gatherer Skinning & Butchering Game Parts One & Two.

  13. Keith

    Hunter Gatherer The Predator Trap.

  14. Keith

    Safe & Secure Loading 12 Gauge Brass Cartridges With Black Powder.

  15. Keith

    Hunter Gatherer The Gamekeeper At Home.

    Some of you may find this an interesting read. Keith. https://www.mirrorservice.org/sites/gutenberg.org/4/7/4/5/47450/47450-h/47450-h.htm
  16. Keith

    Safe & Secure Air Rifle. A Big One!

  17. Keith

    Safe & Secure Meeting At Dragon's Claw.

  18. Keith

    Safe & Secure Muzzleloader Choices-rifle Or Smoothbore.

  19. Keith

    Hunter Gatherer Traps & Trapping. Figure 4 Trigger & The Cage Trap.

  20. Keith

    Hunter Gatherer Hunting & Trapping.

    I started hunting & trapping as a kid in the UK, hunted there for about 10 years, meat for the table. Mostly rabbit,hare & wood pigeon. Now we purchase all our meat because I love to see all the wildlife about the place, but I hunted for meat for the table here for about 30 years, mostly with a...