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  1. likkylok

    Experiences buying from huntingandknives?

    Hi all, I recently purchased a knife from huntingandknives.co.uk. It's been a over 2 weeks since the order was placed (payment was made via PayPal), and although I did get an order confirmation email the day the order was placed, I haven't had any further emails or shipping/tracking...
  2. Rathwulven BC

    MINI SERIES: Affordable & Awesome Bushcraft Knives

    Hi folks got another series coming, here is episode number one. The entire series will be about knives that have proven themselves to be irreplaceable companions throughout the last years - but at the same time are affordable. The series is predominantly designed for beginners but maybe one of...
  3. Rathwulven BC

    Skills Basic Knife Safety

    Hi folks, I made a new video - probably some of you know the drill already, but certainly worth sharing with beginners in the field of bushcraft. As usual please share feedback or other remarks. It helps me develop the channel.
  4. elliott92

    DPB-1 Handmade Knife

    The site was kindly offered a handmade knife by professional knife maker: Mark Hill aka hillbill on the forum and I was kindly tasked with doing the review. This was one review I'd been looking forward to for some time as I have seen marks work first hand before, I couldn't wait to get my hands...
  5. Keith

    Skills Making A Bark Knife Sheath.

    I used stringybark for this project, you won't have many of these in the UK as they are not a native, so I suggest that if you want to try & make one of these that you experiment with the species of trees you have growing locally. The finished knife sheath covered in leather & beaded.
  6. Keith

    Skills Blade Sharpening & The Whetting Stone.

    I learnt to use this method many years ago from a chap who's occupation at that time was sharpening surgical blades for hospital surgeons. Keith. The Whetstone & file I carry in my pack. Honing & Whetstones 18th Century (Nottingham University Museum).
  7. Keith

    Survival Show Us Your Blades.

    Can you show us the blades that you would carry whilst trekking, camping, trapping or hunting (knives & axe). Keith.
  8. Keith

    Survival What Are Your Personal Defence Weapons/tools

    What are your personal defence weapons? This is NOT what you would like to have or prefer to have, this means what have you got right now put by for a TEOTWAWKI should it ever happen. I have been giving some thought as to what we could be up against. Most of the guns out there are probably in...
  9. Keith

    Survival Choosing The Right Blade.

    Choosing the Right Blade. A knife is not meant to be used for splitting wood, knives have specific uses. If you have heavier work to do then you carry a tomahawk or belt axe. The hunting knife. A hunting knife needs to have a blade of at least 6 inches. It should be made with the blade &...
  10. Matt Mac

    Sharpening trouble

    Hi guys I'm really struggling to get a decent edge on any of my knives. The only this that seems to work are some 6" diamond stones, fine and extra fine. Everyone says that the edge isn't very good tho. I've just bought a lansky and it's not really doing anything, I've tried water stones, 1000...
  11. Keith

    Survival Inexpensive Blades.

    I think the most I ever paid for a knife from a second hand stall was $17.00 aust. The least I ever paid was $2.00 aust. These butcher knives are in my opinion one of the best knives you can buy, carbon steel blades, easy to sharpen on a whet stone, & they hold a good edge. These knives were the...
  12. Keith

    Safe & Secure How Do You Carry Your Blades?

    How do you carry your blades? It is important that all your equipment rides comfortably, including your arms. Your blades need to be secure on your person, & they need to be readily accessible using only one hand. Also you need to be able to sit down comfortably without putting any stress on...
  13. Keith

    Survival Making A Clasp Knife From Scratch. Hand Tools,no Forge.

  14. Keith

    Safe & Secure Some Of My Weapons/tools.

    I prefer to refer to my guns & blades as tools rather than weapons, but of course they serve equally well for defence as they do for hunting. I prefer 18th century equipment because it is robust, practicle & sustainable. I do own modern firearms, but for long term survival I depend on my 18th...
  15. Keith

    Survival My Survival Tools For Hunting & Defence.

    I live off grid in a forest, & I hope to stay here even if we are faced with a TEOTWAWKI survival situation. We have friends & family who are all trained in various skills & we are well equipped with modern firearms & primitive hunting tools. But, we are also prepared to leave here & move...
  16. Survival Stu

    Tbs boar knife...

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about getting myself one of these: http://www.thebushcraftstore.co.uk/tbs-boar-bushcraft-knife---dc4--firesteel-edition----turkish-walnut-15661-p.asp I was just wondering if any of you have one & if so what do you think.? Or is there any alternatives you think I should...
  17. huntingknives

    Expired knives and bushcraft equipment

    With the good weather, it´s time for bushcraft! With your summer adventures comming soon it is a great opportunity to pick up new equipment. If you are looking for new equipment for your adventure, don´t hesitate in check out our range of knives and bushcraft equipment and enjoy our monthly...