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  1. Keith

    Meet The Aussie Woman Who Hasn't Spent A Cent In Two Years

  2. Keith

    Exploring A Woodsrunner's Day Part One.

    This is part one of a 5 video series on the the skills/equipment/lifestyle of an 18th century woodsrunner. If there is any interest shown I will gladly post the rest of this series if requested. Keith.
  3. Keith

    What Have You Done Recently To Improve Your Lifestyle & Chances Of Survival?

    Well, I finished all the plumbing on the new outside laundry & installed an outside sink with plumbing for washing vegies etc. I fixed the not charging problem on the tractor. I fitted a new master brake cylinder on the Russian Lada 4WD & improved on the throttle control. I fitted an overflow...
  4. Keith

    Corn Island.

    Foreign movie with no sub titles but in my opinion well worth watching. There are parts of Europe where peasants still live like this, where daily life is survival.
  5. Keith

    The World We Are Living In.

  6. Keith

    After The Fall Videos. Tales From Green Valley Farm Part One.

    What the fall will be is anybody's guess, there are so many possibilities. But if that fall is going to mean the demise of modern technology, then at least for a while, if not long term, we will find ourselves living a pre 19th century lifestyle. I recommend that you watch these videos so you...
  7. Keith

    Survival Thoughts On Equipment.

    I know there is a lot of good gear out there, & I do not shun all modern equipment, BUT, I do believe that much of what is sold for survival these days is a waste of space, literally. Modern firearms have their place, but for many they are not obtainable without a lot of inconvenience. Modern...