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  1. Keith

    All About Flintlocks. Part Eleven. Carrying Gunpowder.

    The traditional method of carrying gunpowder is to use a powder horn, & in my opinion this is still the best method. The base plug in a powder horn should NEVER be glued to secure it in the horn. This base plug is a safety release should the horn explode. The base plug blows out & releases the...
  2. Keith

    All About Flintlocks. Part Eight. The Shot Pouch.

  3. Keith

    All About Flintlocks. Part Six. Cleaning & Maintenance.

    The last three videos cover gun cleaning in the field. Keith.
  4. Keith

    All About Flintlocks. Part Five. Locks.

    On the left you will see the Snaphaunce lock. Note the shape of the steel to the far right on this lock, it resembles a hammer. This is where the term "Hammer" originally came from when referring to the locks steel. Frizzen is a modern term for the steel. Here is another image of a snaphaunce...
  5. Keith

    All About Flintlocks. Part Three. Safety & Other Tips.

    Many people argue that if flintlocks were so good, why was the percussion invented. Well people are always looking for an easier way to do things, & the firearms industry is no different. When the percussion was invented it did become popular with many sportsmen & women who lived in towns &...
  6. Keith

    Meeting At Dragon's Claw.