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  1. Keith

    People Can Handle The Truth About The Environment

  2. Keith

    You Should Watch This Video.

    I wish the producer of this video had chosen a better name, I know some people are offended by the "F" word regardless of its context. I recieved a warning on another forum saying the "F" word was not allowed & the video was removed. To be fair, it was not I that mentioned the "F" word, it is...
  3. Keith

    Food & Water Safe Water By Paolo.

    If you are serious about survival in various situations, then you really should read these series of posts on safe water. I can't tranfere them here, because they are copywrite to Paolo, but you can read them on our group's forum. Keith. http://neclhg.freeforums.net/board/18/survival-connection
  4. Keith

    Biologists Are Warning That Tiny Microbial Organisms Are Being Moved Around The Planet

    Biologists are warning that tiny microbial organisms are being moved around the planet on an unprecedented scale. They're worried the usually unseen ecosystems will get out of balance in the same way that larger animals and plants can become pests. With bacteria in our oceans providing most of...
  5. Keith

    Sea Salt Around The World Is Contaminated By Plastic, Studies Show

  6. Keith

    Huge Earthquake In Mexico's South 'strongest In The Past 100 Years

    Global warming? Climate change? Earth's environment is in trouble no matter what you call it! Huge earthquake in Mexico's south 'strongest in the past 100 years https://au.news.yahoo.com/world/a/37011416/earthquake-hits-in-mexicos-south/
  7. Keith

    Tepco Wants To Dump Hundreds Of Thousands Of Tonnes Of Radioactive Water Into The Pacific Ocean.

    Please sign the petition here: https://actions.sumofus.org/a/japan-stop-tepco-dumping-nuclear-waste-in-the-pacific/?akid=32971.5225671.DyeZk3&rd=1&source=fwd&t=1
  8. Keith

    The Final Countdown. Climate Change.

    Time is fast running out to stop irreversible climate change, a group of global warming experts warns today. We have only 100 months to avoid disaster. Andrew Simms explains why we must act now - and where to begin. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2008/aug/01/climatechange.carbonemissions
  9. Keith

    'covered In Dead Fish': Beachgoers Confronted By Unexplained Sight In Cornwall

  10. Keith

    Japan Earthquake: Strong Quake Near Fukushima

    Has this effected/damaged the nuclear plant? This plant has already contaminated/polluted the Pacific Ocean which effects everyone worldwide. Has this quake made things even worse? https://au.news.yahoo.com/a/33285363/tsunami-warnings-after-7-3-quake-near-fukushima-japan/#page1