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  1. Keith

    Food & Water Our New Water Pump.

    I decided that as we have so much excess solar power I would be better off with an electric water pump to pump water from our lower collection 5000 gallon cement water tank to our upper house feed tank than the petrol fire pump we have been using. Survival wise we will probably always have 240...
  2. Keith

    Survival Personalising Equipment.

    Do any of you ever personalise your equipment? My Father used to paint all his tools blue, except for certain tools like his 17th century lathing hatchet & his 19th century fascine knives/billhooks. When he gave me my first felling axe he painted the head red! My Mother wouldn't let me take it...
  3. Keith

    Your Honest Opinion.

    Just how well prepared do you think the average prepper in the UK is to handle a major shtf situation? I ask this for various reasons, 1) in many survival blogs the emphasis always seems to be on gadgetry, "you must have this" or "if you are serious about survival then you will need one of...
  4. Keith

    Asteroid Only Spotted On Christmas Day Passed Earth Yesterday In Near-miss

  5. Keith

    A World Without Oil. Video.

    Some interesting information in this video. I have not quite finished watching it yet, but so far quite watchable. Also confirms what some members on this forum have said will happen. Keith.
  6. Keith

    Food & Water Uk Supermarket Chain To Sell Stock After 'best Before' Dates To Cut Food Waste

    Here is your best chance to stock up on foods that will store well, don't miss this opportunity. https://au.news.yahoo.com/a/38151603/uk-supermarket-to-sell-food-past-best-before-date-reducing-waste/
  7. Keith

    Hunter Gatherer Stinging Nettle.

    Stinging nettles can also be boiled or steamed as a green veg to go with other dishes. To me it tastes like Spinach. This plant grows widely in the UK & in Australia.
  8. Keith

    Hunter Gatherer Chooks For Food & Medicine.

    Chicken soup is one of our modern panaceas for all ills, but it was also used as medicine in the eighteenth century. However, while nowadays it is associated with treating colds and flu (and has actually been proved to have anti-inflammatory properties¹), then it appears to have been considered...
  9. Keith

    Food & Water Garlic As A Food & Medicine.

    Since making this video I have done a little more research. Most authorities on the subject of foods seem to agree that garlic was not high on the list of good foods, but further research of my own shows that this was mainly among the upper classes, and it was because of the garlic smell. Among...
  10. Keith

    Emp Attack Information.

  11. Keith

    Survival The Problems With Some Preppers Today.

    The problems with some preppers today. One problem some preppers seem to have is the inability to prepare for a variety of disasters. This is really not that hard, yet many just don’t get it. They also have what is known as 24 hour & 72 hour bug out bags. Why not just have a bag that will...
  12. Keith

    Natural Disasters Or Man Made?

    Has anyone noticed the rise in frequency of environmental disasters of late? Earthquakes, cyclones, now there is a volcano about to erupt in Bali. The frequency of these disasters is making me wonder if this is anything to do with climate change. Here we are getting early bushfires due to...
  13. Keith

    Use Solar Power To Keep Your Devices Charged During And After The Storm

  14. Keith

    Any Requests?

    We have a variety of people on this forum with varied experiences. Is there anything that you would like to see discussed on this forum? Any information you would like to see? Skills you would like to learn? Keith.
  15. Keith

    Stephen Hawking Warns Humanity Has Just 200 Years To Escape Earth

  16. Keith

    The 11 Greatest Threats To The World - Revealed By Nobel Prize Winners

    The 11 biggest threats to humanity according to winners of the Nobel Prize Environmental concerns Nuclear war Disease and drug resistance Selfishness, dishonesty and lack of humanity Ignorance and distortion of the truth Terrorism and fundamentalism Donald Trump and ignorant world leaders...
  17. Keith

    Brandon Uk.

  18. Keith

    Fire Weather To Torch Europe And Us World Becomes Giant Tinderbox Ready To Ignite

  19. Keith

    Not Really Off Topic. The Colony.

    This movie is well worth watching. Keith.
  20. Keith

    Off Grid & Preppers Beware. It Is Coming Here.