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  1. Rathwulven BC

    Skills Campfire Safety + Free Ebook & Video

    Hi guys, due to this year's mast year and drought a lot of smouldering fires occurred in both Germany and the Netherlands. I took this circumstance as a reason to publish a video that, in my opinion, covers all important aspects of campfire security. I also published an e-book which is...
  2. Rathwulven BC

    Skills Basic Knife Safety

    Hi folks, I made a new video - probably some of you know the drill already, but certainly worth sharing with beginners in the field of bushcraft. As usual please share feedback or other remarks. It helps me develop the channel.
  3. Keith

    Hunter Gatherer All About Flintlocks. Part Ten. Making A Hammer Cap.

    A hammer cap, also called a hammer stall, is used as a safety device. Half cock on the lock is the safety, but the hammer cap is a secondary safety device just in case the gun should "go off half cocked". In which case the gun flint would simply hit the leather hammer cap & the gun would not...
  4. Keith

    What Do You Think? What If?

    I thought I would run some thoughts past forum members to see what you think & promote discussion. We are seeing petitions for saving Elephants & other wildlife, we are seeing petitions against coal & fracking & all manor of environmental issues. All these are valid concerns & DO NEED...
  5. Keith

    Safe & Secure Preferences. Bugging In Or Bugging Out In Town Or City.

    You don't have to be living in a town or city to participate in this thread. Facts. If you live in a town or city, your house/apartment/flat can be; fired, blown up, have a truck driven into it. Facts. If you live in a town or in the city, in a major shtf situation there will be; No water on...
  6. Keith

    Bugging Out. Reading The Signs & Understanding Animals.

    As a woodsman I have lived almost my entire life in the country, & as such I have learned to understand the language of the local wildlife. Understanding what the animals are telling you is important if you want to survive post shtf, you have to sleep sometime, you can not always be on your...