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  1. Keith

    Your Honest Opinion.

    Just how well prepared do you think the average prepper in the UK is to handle a major shtf situation? I ask this for various reasons, 1) in many survival blogs the emphasis always seems to be on gadgetry, "you must have this" or "if you are serious about survival then you will need one of...
  2. Keith

    Asteroid Only Spotted On Christmas Day Passed Earth Yesterday In Near-miss

  3. Keith

    A World Without Oil. Video.

    Some interesting information in this video. I have not quite finished watching it yet, but so far quite watchable. Also confirms what some members on this forum have said will happen. Keith.
  4. Keith

    You Should Watch This Video.

    I wish the producer of this video had chosen a better name, I know some people are offended by the "F" word regardless of its context. I recieved a warning on another forum saying the "F" word was not allowed & the video was removed. To be fair, it was not I that mentioned the "F" word, it is...
  5. Keith

    Skills Alternate Lighting. Making Dipped Candles.

  6. Keith

    Homesteading Without Electricity.

    We lived for over 20 years without any electricity, I made a coolgardie safe from sacking & wood to keep foods cool & we used grease lamps, home dipped candles of tallow & wax & rush lights for lighting. Keith. Our two rush lights. One of our grease lamps. Beeswax dipped candles...
  7. Keith

    A Story I Wrote Some Years Ago.

    The End Of Our World As We Knew It. A short story by Keith H. Burgess.© I struggled on, the weight of Lisa and our supply of water on the travois felt immense. Only mind over body was keeping me moving forward now. It was hot and my boots felt as if they had lead soles. I dragged the travois...
  8. Keith

    Images From A Warming Planet - The Uk In Pictures

  9. Keith

    Alert For The Uk. Edf Are Planning To Build A New Nuclear Power Station At Hinkley Point In Somerset

    SIGN THE PETITION: https://secure.greenpeace.org.uk/page/s/radioactive-mud?source=em&subsource=20171115egem01&utm_source=gpeace&utm_medium=em&utm_campaign=20171115egem01
  10. Keith

    Missing Forums, Where To Post?

    I don't see any forum areas for skills or fire lighting, any suggestions as to which area these would fit into, or do we need to add skills to the forum? Keith.
  11. Keith

    Before The Flood. A National Geographic Movie.

    My thanks to Mark Wilson for showing me this video. Keith. Everyone should watch this video.
  12. Keith

    Movie. Pandemic. 2007.

    Not bad at all for its day. Good movie, watchable. Parts of it almost like a doco showing the steps that led to the Pandemic spreading from one person to another. It could have showed more, & I think the ending was a little too good to be realistic, but on the whole I think they did a good job...
  13. Keith

    Healthcare Are We At Risk From A Global Pandemic?

  14. Keith

    Healthcare Fears Deadly Plague In Madagascar Could Spread Via Flights

  15. Keith

    Good Shtf Movie. Set In America.

  16. Keith

    Naples Supervolcano: Study Suggests Magma Build-up Reaching Explosive Levels

  17. Keith

    A Must Watch For The Northern Hemisphere.

    I just finished watching this movie, unofficially I believe these types of movies are refereed to as a "Mocumentary", part movie part doco. This is about the possibility of the Yellowstone National Park Volcano in the USA erupting as a super volcano. Well worth watching. I would say by the looks...
  18. Keith

    The Last Train. Movie Series. Entertainment.sci-fi.

    An interesting look at a shtf situation in England. Well worth watching.
  19. Keith

    More Survival Fiction Movies.

  20. Keith

    Fire Weather To Torch Europe And Us World Becomes Giant Tinderbox Ready To Ignite