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  1. Rathwulven BC

    Foraging Allium ursinum (wild garlic, ramson) - ID tutorial

    Hi folks I got another clip online - this time with a bunch of tips for those still struggling with allium ursinum. Happens quite some times that some of my seminar participants are asking how to forage for this plant properly, well here is the answer. As usual: Feel free to share these clips...
  2. Cloud Talker

    Bushcraft Camp out SubZero

  3. S

    Limited wood

    Hi, I’m not sure this is the best site for such a question as it’s mainly about prepping. But I was recently on an island in Dorset called Portland and my first real thought was that there were very few trees, an abundance of brambles and a few elderberrys and blackthorn bushes. But very few...
  4. Keith

    Crops The New Berry Patch & Comeback After Hail Storm.

    Well I haven't quite finished the new berry patch yet, I still have the wires to install for the berries to climb on, but I cut two poles out of the copse today, debarked them both & used them as braces on top of the berry patch posts. As you can see the mushroom compost & manure has been...
  5. Keith

    Skills Do Any Of You Go Camping?

    Do any of you go camping with your bug-out equipment & practice skills? Keith.
  6. Keith

    Survival Bug Out Equipment. What & Why.

    I decided to post this because when I read lists of other people’s modern equipment for bugging out I often see items that I can’t make sense of. Items that are NOT sustainable & seem of very little use. Some say “well I use this until it breaks & then I throw it away”. The problem with that is...
  7. Keith

    Survival Equipment To Make Things Easier Whilst We Still Have Fuel!

    The rest of our close family (my other two sons & family) are coming tomorrow having been with inlaws over Xmas. We don't mind, because we have never celebrated Xmas anyway except for the kids. So, time to cut the grass to make snakes more visible! One thing leads to another as you probably well...
  8. Keith

    Food & Water Our New Water Pump.

    I decided that as we have so much excess solar power I would be better off with an electric water pump to pump water from our lower collection 5000 gallon cement water tank to our upper house feed tank than the petrol fire pump we have been using. Survival wise we will probably always have 240...
  9. Keith

    Survival Personalising Equipment.

    Do any of you ever personalise your equipment? My Father used to paint all his tools blue, except for certain tools like his 17th century lathing hatchet & his 19th century fascine knives/billhooks. When he gave me my first felling axe he painted the head red! My Mother wouldn't let me take it...
  10. Keith

    A World Without Oil. Video.

    Some interesting information in this video. I have not quite finished watching it yet, but so far quite watchable. Also confirms what some members on this forum have said will happen. Keith.
  11. Keith

    Skills Reading Glass Fire Lighting.

  12. Keith

    What Have You Done Of Late That Might Further Your Chances Of Survival?

    I took a trip into the city early this morning & renewed my firearms licence. On the way back I dropped into the pump shop & purchased an electric water pump for pumping water from the lower catchment tank to the upper tank that feeds the main house. Keith.
  13. Keith

    Learning From History.

  14. Keith

    A Man Of The Woods.

    This is a short doco on me made some years ago by a friend of my sons who was just starting out in the movie industry. I think this was at that time the first doco he had made. I thought you might find it of some interest. Keith.
  15. Keith

    A Film About The Dark Side Of Civilization

    A film about the dark side of civilization, why we should bring it down and why most civilized people don't.
  16. Keith

    Hunter Gatherer Chooks For Food & Medicine.

    Chicken soup is one of our modern panaceas for all ills, but it was also used as medicine in the eighteenth century. However, while nowadays it is associated with treating colds and flu (and has actually been proved to have anti-inflammatory properties¹), then it appears to have been considered...
  17. Keith

    Food & Water Garlic As A Food & Medicine.

    Since making this video I have done a little more research. Most authorities on the subject of foods seem to agree that garlic was not high on the list of good foods, but further research of my own shows that this was mainly among the upper classes, and it was because of the garlic smell. Among...
  18. Keith

    Hunter Gatherer On Meat Alone.

    On Meat Alone. Copyright Keith. 18/4/11 The list of period foods is quite long, but whose foods are they? Would a woodsrunner bother to carry dried peas, parched corn, oats & currents? Somehow I don’t think so. It all adds to the weight, & sooner or later it has to run out, & what then? Well, he...
  19. Keith

    Food & Water Drying Corn On The Cob.

  20. Keith

    My Fire Bag.

    This is my fire bag, it is made of clothing weight leather & greased to make it waterproof. It contains my tinderbox. Rolling the top down keeps the water out & I carry this in my belt pouch. I had to swim my boat to shore one winter on the Great Lakes, hit by a sudden storm the boat was swamped...