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  1. Keith

    The Us And China Are Preparing For All Hell To Break Loose In North Korea

  2. Keith

    Russia, France Warn Of Explosive Korea Situation. Europe!

  3. Keith

    The 11 Greatest Threats To The World - Revealed By Nobel Prize Winners

    The 11 biggest threats to humanity according to winners of the Nobel Prize Environmental concerns Nuclear war Disease and drug resistance Selfishness, dishonesty and lack of humanity Ignorance and distortion of the truth Terrorism and fundamentalism Donald Trump and ignorant world leaders...
  4. Keith

    Australia Aware North Korea Could Fire Victory Day Missile

  5. Keith

    Learning From The Past.

    After WW2 in America, some people started gathering together to hold shoots using muzzle-loading guns. Mostly these were originals dating back to the French & Indian war, the American Revolution, & the American Civil War. As time past, these people had the idea of dressing in the period clothes...
  6. Keith

    Wealthy Russians Are Researching The Uk's Ww2 Internment Policies

    Wealthy Russians are researching the UK's WW2 internment policies in fear of a new war. https://au.finance.yahoo.com/news/wealthy-russians-researching-uks-ww2-204634668.html