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Hunter Gatherer 19th Century Alaskan Trapper's Supplies List.


Very Addicted
In winter in Alaska there would not be much if any edible flora to forage, & the intense cold demands more food, so this list of supplies is to cater to that particular situation. But I thought some of you may be interested in seeing this list.

A More Complete Supply List

After my experiences the first two winters, I composed the following list. This is for one man for five to six months. It was refined for my personal taste and needs in the Alaska bush. The old trapper that I got my first list from made do with a lot less than what I took. This list is tried and true and not a just theory that someone made up. I had around 200 traps and ran the line on snowshoes, foot and skis. Cut my firewood by hand (no chain saw) and hauled my water from the lake in buckets. It was hard work 12-15 hours a day 7 days a week and I burned a lot of calories. Using the following list I ate well and always had plenty of supplies left in the spring:

50 lbs Flour

50 lbs Bisquick

25 lbs Pancake mix

35 lbs Sugar

50 lbs Pinto Beans

25 lbs Rice

40 lbs Salt pork

25 lbs Salt

10 lbs Dried prunes

10 lbs Raisons

10 lbs Dried apricots

10 lbs Dried apples

10 lbs Dried peaches

25 lbs Oatmeal

10 lbs Honey

2 cases Tomato paste

25 lbs powdered milk

15 lbs [canned] Butter

25 lbs Corn meal

25 lbs [canned] Cheese

20 lbs Spaghetti Noodles

10 lbs Crisco

15 lbs Hot cocoa mix

10 lbs Dried eggs

5 lbs Strawberry Jam

3 lbs Apricot Jam

2 boxes Pilot bread

1 gal Maple Syrup

180 Multi vitamins

180 Vitamin C

1 lb [powdered dry] Yeast

180 Tea bags

1 lbs Pepper

1 lbs Baking soda

8 lbs Dried onions

1 lb Baking powder

1 lb. Corn starch

24 oz Garlic powder

12 oz Vanilla

2 rolls aluminium foil

1/2 gal Dish soap

5 bars non-scented soap

36 Canning lids (to can meat if we had a winter thaw or for leftover in the spring)

8 oz Hydrogen peroxide

2 oz Iodine

12 rolls Toilet paper

2 Small sponges

2 Scrub pads

1 roll Duct Tape

4 boxes of wooden Matches

24 Plumber’s candles

500 rounds .22 long rifle hollow point ammo

100 .308 ammo 125 grain hollow point varmint ammo

20 rounds .308 ammo 180 grain (for Moose or Caribou )

Trapping license and regulations

Hunting license, moose tags and caribou tags

New snowshoe bindings

1 truck inner tube

3 New hacksaw blades

2 New Axe handles

8 Bow saw blades

36 oz Lanolin

6 Disposable lighters

12 gal White gas [aka Coleman Fuel]

12 Lantern mantels

6 oz. Gun oil

Trapping Lures, urine and musk

10 lbs Trap wax

2 rolls Survey [“flagging”] tape

1 pair Heavy Neoprene trapping gloves

7 lbs Trapping wire( 50% 12 ga and 50% 14 ga)

50 ft Trap Chain #2 and #3

24 Links

24 Swivels

AM Radio with 8 extra 9 volt batteries

8’ New stove pipe for cabin stove

4 Leather awl needles and 50’ waxed thread

Extra shoulder straps for pack frame

Extra hip belt for pack

New lid for fry pan 14”

100’ – 3/8 nylon rope

12×18” glass to replace cracked window

Personal items

1 Wool Jacket

2 Wool pants

2 Work pants

1 Pair insulated Carhartt coveralls

4 Pair work gloves

2 Pair heavy winter over mittens.

Winter trappers hat

1 pair

Pack boots with 2 sets liners

1 pair Bunny Boots

1 Wool sweater

4 pair long sleeved wool shirts

3 pair Wool long john pants

3 pair Wool long john shirts

8 pair Wool socks

8 pair Cotton socks

6 pair Underpants

1 Bible

2 flying ground school books

6 Short sleeve Cotton shirts

Tooth brush

Tooth powder

2 rolls dental floss

Carried or in an external frame pack:

1 .308 rifle

1 22 pistol (Colt Woodsman)

Rain coat

Rain pants

Insolite sleeping pad

Sleeping bag

10×12’ and 4×8’ light nylon tarps


Flashlight batteries

Binoculars, 10×40

Green River skinning knife, caping knife, boning knife.

Small stone, small file and small diamond steel


Topo maps 1:250,000 scale

2 Candles

Matches in waterproof container


Small cook pot with lid

Water bottle

100’ Parachute cord

Small First aid kit with Large suture needles and suture, in sealed pack

Mini channel locks (Snap-on) used for sutures and other things

Pack repair kit

¾-length Hand ax. (Estwing)

Small shovel

Bow saw with extra blade

1 pair wool socks

Wire snares

Fish hooks and line

25’ .042” stainless wire

1 lb Dried soup mix


Neo Luddite Prepared Survivalist.
LDS do a list of what someone would need per annum, you can find it on their website.


Neo Luddite Prepared Survivalist.
that's a lot of supplies to move ANYWHERE never mind Alaska!! especially if its on the trappers back or on a mule.
12 rolls of toilet paper wouldn't last long! not in our house it wouldn't!