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3 Days Of Minimalism In The Alps - A Survival Short Movie

Rathwulven BC

Extremely Talkative
Hi all,

I recently published a short movie in both English and German, spending three days in the Alps with very limited gear: No tarp, no tent, no sleeping bag - just a knife, my clothing and some essential first aid gear.
I did this to do another "real life test" for my skill set and to balance and center myself. The result is some 40 minutes of footage featuring a couple of skill-demonstrations, lovely sceneries and some mountain man philosophy.

I wish to add that I did know the area very well before heading out and that trips like these should always be planned up ahead. I was fully aware of the upcoming weather scenario and I did make sure to have a friend as a backup ready to take action if I would not send an OK signal once a day at an agreed time. For the sake of cinematography, this is not mentioned in the film, but I just want to address this here as the mountains are unforgiving to those treating them like a personal playground - a lesson I learned the hard way some 13 years ago when getting into actual distress up in the Alps, only to be rescued by Search & Rescue after two days of pure horror.

I hope you enjoy the film - if so, please feel free to share it with other people enjoying the outdoors. :)