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A First Wild Camp

I took a mate out last night for his first wild camp, I'd mentioned it to him before and he fancied giving it a go. We didn't have the best weather for it but fair play to him, we went anyway. To keep things simple I took him to the spot in Devilla that is my 'go to'. Tweaked things a bit, because of the rain I set the fire up under the trees for more shelter and the tarp was open sided instead of the usual inverted V. Its always great to get out and my mate enjoyed himself, at least he's talking about doing it again anyway, another recruit for the legion of wild campers. :)

The swan pond on the walk in.


The Devilla Hilton.



That's Bam's (2 legs) bed in the middle, he was desperate to come out, the wee prick was soaking from the swan pond. Wood wasn't an issue, we got to work getting it cut to size and there was some of my previous stuff left, along with half a bag of charcoal. Scran and a fire were in order, along with a liddle drinkipoo too natch.




Nobody good of food poisoning so it was all good. Did a sausage casserole again although it wasn't as good as last week's it wasnae bad. We sat around blethering, as you do, reminiscing about the good old bad old days and putting the world to rights. Just a really good chill night and fortunately the rain was more of a drizzle when we were cooking. It did get heavy overnight and the bottom of my bivvy bag (used as an air mat protector from dug claws) ended up hanging out in the rain and bringing some water in but I sorted it when spat out for a pee at about 4. My mate did breakfast (TAKE NOTE SMURF !!!!!!), he brought in masses bless him (TAKE NOTE SMURF !!!!!) although we only had a bit of bacon wrapped in tattie scones. Braw. Then it was pack up and break camp for the walk out.

Just great getting out and about and hopefully we've got a convert.