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AGU The story

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So this is what happened and why :zipped:

Back in February this year i was approached by Bryan asking me if i was interested in buying back AGU from Keith (i owned it many years ago ) .

I did some thinking and was 50/50 as the cost of keeping a forum going was getting very expensive and i wasn't sure i wanted to take on the extra cost's let alone pay Keith as well :thumbsup:

my options were

A do nothing and let the AGU go to wall and close

B Buy it and keep things as they were (whilst swallowing up the financial hit every month hoping it would turn around )

c buy it and merge with this forum so i only had 1 set of bill's coming out of the bank (even though my storage costs all but doubled over night:eek: )

After mulling over my options for a few days and having a good think of the best way forward for the forums to continue on the nett i made a decision which was best for both forums and me financially..

As you all know i went for option C and the rest his history :)

With out me stepping in at the last minute AGU would have closed and been deleted from the nett :(

The running costs for a forum of the size of AGU and LITW is around £1000 a year all in ... The donation's i get in via the donation button don't even cover a third of the cost's (DONT TELL MY MISS,S ) .

So at the moment I'm stumping up around £700 a year out of my own pocket to keep this forum going :eek:

so when i see none donating members moaning about the changes that have happened here and across the board it gets me a bit rattled and a tad upset that all my efforts to keep the content/forums going to a fashion are not being appreciated....

So rather than moaning about it IF they had donated whilst it was still AGU they would probably still had a forum .

sorry guys i just needed to get this of my chest :thumbsup:


FEEL free to pm me with any concerns or issues ....

IM of for a lie down in a darkened room :rofl:
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