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Very Addicted
Obviously I avoid hunting in wet weather, but sometimes it id necessary. Some people naturally assume that you can not use a flintlock when it is raining, but this is not the case. Gunpowder will attract moisture, but really it is not as drastic as often portrayed.

There are three things you can do to prevent moisture getting into your gun. One is to plug the end of the barrel with a tompion or some other form of plug. Just don't forget to remove it before firing the gun. Some modern shooters use a balloon over the muzzle so that they can fire without removing it.

To waterproof the lock I carry grease/tallow in a small container in my shot pouch. This I spread around the lip of the locks pan, so that when the hammer is closed over the pan, the pan is sealed. I also carry a leather cover which I tie over the gun lock. Sometimes these covers are called a "cows knee", as this was a part of the cows hide that was used to make these lock covers being already the right shape.


Here you can see the lock pan with the vent in the barrel at the back of the pan. This lock as all my locks has a leather hammer cap in place for extra safety.
Left to Right: Grease container, & two spare gun flints. Below is a pin punch used for removing the guns barrel for cleaning.

My shot pouch & contents. To the far left is my leather lock cover.