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Black powder suggestions


Extremely Talkative
So I've been doing pretty good recently and I was thinking of adding some kind of black powder weapon to my collection and I was looking for some suggestions and tips. Firstly rifle, muskatoon or musket? A bit part of the decision is me trying to find out the lifetime of rifles in comparison to the smoothbore weapons so if anyone knows more it would be great to get some information on the subject. And then if there are any particular sellers and patterns that someone would like to recommend I would appreciate that.

Keith 66

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There are a lot of original 1853 Enfield rifled muskets still shooting & a lot of original smoothbores.
I shoot a Bland live pigeon gun occasionally & that was built around the same time. Percussion guns often suffered from corrosion more than flintlocks due to the corrosive mercury fulminate used in the percussion caps.
I also have a Navy arms pietta Double 12 side by side & it is a well made strong gun. My first muzzleloader was a Bengal carbine a 12 bore with 25" barrel, It was poor quality & it kicked hard & had a big muzzleflash, good fun but not a good bag filler. But it got me hooked on the black stuff!


Extremely Talkative
Hey, late to the party as usual. Sorry not been on the forum for a while.

My wife and I used to re-enact the American Civil war. this is why I have my three band smooth bore Enfield musket. I rarely shoot from it as it is nearly impossible for me to obtain black powder (nowhere local supplies it), but we did have a laugh at the summer meet last year shooting off some blanks. the muskets can be picked up quite cheaply if you were looking for one:)