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Canal Boats and Boom Boxes..

Over the recent Bank Holiday weekend I made a car camping trip to Shropshire. My intention was to attend an advertised Bush Craft and Country Show at Whittington Castle in a village of the same name, not far from Ellesmere.
I camped at a very small private Campsite which bordered the Shropshire Union Canal, a really secluded, peaceful location deep in the Shropshire countryside.

The lady owner of the site obviously sussed when I telephoned her that I am an unsociable old Git and on arrival I was delighted with the spot she had allocated me. There were 5 caravans on site, all with their garden furniture set out, solar powered lights stuck in the ground surrounding their pitches and television aerials sprouting from the top of the vans, but I was far enough away from Caravanaburbia to keep me happy.

A morning view from my tent revealed a one leg Pheasant happily pecking away in the long grass nearby.


He seems to have managed to survive since someone shot low last Season. The cut swathes through the tall grass were I thought, a good sign that the owner cared enough to allow the area to be a great place for Wild Flowers and natural habitat for all sorts of insects and other creatures.

I haven't car camped for years but this trip was a good excuse to try a fancy folding chair and small table which I admit made life a lot easier. Getting up and down from the chair required a boost with my walking stick but it was easier than kneeling on the grass when making brews.
There was a private mooring area where I spent quite a few sunny hours watching the Canal Boats chugging by.


Some of the locals barely opened one eye to check me out, so we watched the passing traffic together.


I went for a short wander to the nearby Canal Bridge for a different view of a very tranquil world.

And back home for tea...

Lurking in my home made Cosey is a Summit to Eat dehydrated meal.

The Bush Craft show was about 30 minutes drive away and I spent the second day there. Bought some dehydrated meals at a show discount, saw the young couple who run the Forest school featured on You Tube, 'The Woodland Classroom' which is worth a look. Only a small show,but the setting in the Castle was interesting.

The old Moat is now home to Swan parents to be...

Back to camp after an enjoyable day, to watch the day fade and life on the Canal to briefly cease.

Verdict on that trip, excellent. Shropshire, at least the bits that I saw is a beautiful County and the weather and campsite were perfect.

I returned home to Wales for a few days and then set off on the long, tiring 300 mile + drive to Sussex where I was to attend a re-union. I had pre booked a campsite..." Peaceful Farm site on the Pevensey Marshes "
I managed not to commit any violent crimes on the one night I stayed there ( Booked for three nights ) I attended the re-union on the Saturday which was great. We are all getting old !! but it was brilliant. One of the troop has had a Pace Maker fitted, so someone else went to their car and came back with a torch that had a magnetic base. The idea was to have a prod round and find exactly where the Pace Maker was under the skin..For some reason this was considered to be a bad idea by the Pace Maker wearer...:lol:
I had a meal with friends Saturday evening and drove home Saturday night. A Photo of the peaceful campsite tells it's own story. At least 3 Mega speaker music outfits on site..except it wasn't music it was just noise with a base thump that echoed across the site. Ah! well, you can't win 'em all.
Nice to be home... and away again soon.


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Big Red

Extremely Talkative
I really, REALLY can't stand others uninvited music(?) in public places...............................

(I haven't even managed a night out under canvas ........... :mad: )
Me neither, I absolutely hate it.

A few years ago on a campsite in Brittany, a chap was playing scritchy Jaz, very loud, from his car. At least half the campsite could hear it.

Well sorry chaps, but I like peace and quiet, and the rules included not playing music. He didn’t seem a bad sort of chap, so a gentle approach was called for. I had a CD in the car, ACDC Live In River Pate........Rock and Roll! I walked over to him and said “Hello, do you like ACDC? “Good heavens , no”. He twigged the message straight away, turned off is music, and offered me a glass of wine.....I had three. 👍😀🍷🍷🍷


While I like music I can't help thinking that there is a time and a place for it, inflicting it on others could be seen as intrusive.
The British Isles are a relatively small and crowded group of islands, inconsiderate noise or behaviour can make them seem more crowded. 🙁
Over the last couple of weeks we have noticed this part of Wales is seeming much busier than ever before...call me Mr Miseryguts but I'm not sure I like it.


Slightly Addicted
Hi Sax

I just read your story and enjoyed your pics over my morning cuppa here in Aussie. I just loved them! Thats what the UK countryside is in my imagination, lush and green and the canal boats puttering across the landscape. Swans in a castle moat! Just perfect! 😍

Your sussex camp pictures held considerably less charm. The booming noises ( won't call it music) puts me in mind of what the Australian yoof call a 'bush- duff'.

At least in our day if we wanted to rock out at a Stones, Fleetwood Mac or Floyd show, we had the decency to confine our noisy exuberance to the mosh pit of a city stadium....

And no roos and possums were terrified by the decibels...