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Coleman Extreme 5 day Cool Box.

Big Red

Quite Addicted
Any thoughts guys please. I need a better box for two/three night stints at my Basecamp, also off to Thruxton for the British Superbikes next week, four nights, and will NEED a good box to keep the beer chilled. I get really grumpy if my Peroni ain’t chilled! 😡




Very Addicted
There are two variety of plug in cool boxes; the cheaper option are thermo electric and cost around £50-60 and most run off 12/240v. They generally ont cool to around 20 degrees below the ambient temp and will run a car battery flat pretty quickly if the engine isn’t running.

The other option are compressor cool boxes that work like a domestic fridge but cost a lot more although as with everything prices are coming down as copies alternatives to established manufacturers have emerged. These will usually run off a leisure battery for a much longer period of time. I’ve got the former but want one of these which is well regarded and half the price of the previous models available!

Alpicool CF45 45L Car Refrigerator Portable Car Fridge Freezer 12/24v Campervan Boat DC Electric Cooler for Camping, Driving, Picnic https://amzn.eu/d/8aOkx15

With any cool boxes you can extend the chilling effect by being sensible, pre cool it and plan your menus so you can freeze some of the food and use it as an edible cool block, try and open it the as few times as possible and it stays cooler longer.

A bag of ice and some water in a bucket will
Keep the on hand beers cool without causing the bangers to spoil.