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Extreme Temperature, A Simple Cheap Remedy


Quite Obsessed
As you all know over the next few days some of us are going to experience some severe hot temperatures, here is a cheap simple remedy for reducing the effects of extreme heat inside the house/conservatory
You will need a cheap fan, a fold up clothes drying rack, a towel and a washing up bowl.
Choose the room which will be occupied and place the drying rack about 2 feet in front of the fan and hang a wet towel over the rack. Fill the washing bowl with cold water and place it at the bottom of the rack on the fan side.
Now make sure that the bottom 6 or so inches of the towel is in the bowl and switch on the fan.
The heat will start to evaporate the water in the towel and the fan blowing through it will drop the air temperature by several degrees


Quite Addicted
Joe that’s an awesome tip! It’s called evaporative air conditioning, and is the basis of some crude air conditioning that is still used in some parts of Australia. Useless in a hot humid environment but a big help in dry heat.

But you put me in mind of one of my blokes in the ‘Ghan about 15 years ago. It was filthy hot and this bloke was not used to warmer climes. I went into his hut and found him sat stark naked on a stool with his feet in a bowl of water and a wet towel wrapped round his head. He had a fan blowing on him and swore it was the best way to keep cool. I never tested this technique myself so can’t verify it’s efficacy, but passing it on now to you blokes in case any of you want to try it....😂

But seriously, I heard many places in UK are facing a warm spell so hope nobody wil be too adversely impacted.

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