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Hello from Pottsville Pennsylvania

Russ Suender

First Post
Hello from Pottsville,Pennsylvania fellow bushcrafters.I've been involved several years into self reliance skills involving self sustenance in the wilderness.I practice skills like starting a fire using flint and steel,and with ferrocerium rods,knot tying and uses,identification and foraging edible and medicinal herbaceous and woody plants,just to mention a few.I'm also a novice level leatherworking buff,wilderness related photographer(novice level),and enjoy camping,fishing,hunting, and hiking,doing so since I'm ten years old(Boy Scout).At my campsite,where I've setup a semi-permanent shelter/campsite,I spend on the average a good bit of time on overnight and day trips.I've fashioned/built primitive furniture(benches,a raised bed,tables,etc as well as primitive tools.Never been in a survival type situation but,knock on wood,have a better chance than the average Joe.I've yet to start a friction fire or set a deadfall and catch my dinner(snares,traps,etc only permitted by law in a survival type situatiom).I carry a firearm(.22 rifle)on all my hikes,mostly for plinking and protection.I'm also a member of bushcraftusa.com forum,my user name Flint_2016,with over 1000 likes and 385 messages.Feel free to check me out.

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Hi Russ.

Welcome to the Bushcraftforum. :thumbsup:

It is always nice to welcome overseas visitors to the site.

That is a cracking introduction....and the photos are welcomed...thanks for sharing them with us.
I like your shelter set up very much... with the fire wall....nicely done and well thought out.....keep you warm and dry in the winter :thumbsup:
The woods you are in look just the ticket:thumbsup:

Have a good look around Russ.....look forward to your input:)
Welcome to the forum, great intro and pictures, liking you camp there :)