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On Foot Life's a beach..

Surely the first day of Spring today, warm later hot sunshine from a cloudless sky and just a whisper of a warm Westerly breeze. The Swans on the lake amuse me, the young Cobs swim around with their wings in the half raised, " Look what a big boy I am " position whenever another Cob comes anywhere near.

On the lower lake there was Sea Gull mass bathing session going on. I know the fresh water is the reason they are there, but I think the tight crowding may be for safety. They make quite a rumpus, water flying in all directions and I suspect because of the mass disturbance they are less likely to lose a leg or worse to the big fresh water fish in the lake.
There is a local tale of a distraught teenage girl running to a passerby and saying that a 'Big Fish' had snatched her little dog that had gone into the shallows to retrieve a thrown stick...

Heading towards the Beach which seemed appropriate on such a beautiful sunny day.

There is a Spill Way built to allow overflow from the lakes. It's been dry here, but eventually rain water finds it's way down to us from inland and today i heard the noise of running water as I approached the Beach.



This is the same view last summer, then the Spill way was no more than a sandy trench.

A few dog walkers made brief appearances on the Beach, I watched them from my favourite brew spot. where I was glad to sit and rest after the long totter..


They don't don't stay long, there's no 'phone signal here, no face book and it's a bit wild too....:lol:


Leaves just me and the local folk...


Something unlucky got washed down the Spill Way and it floated/swam past where Jack waited on the bank. He waded out and scoffed it in the blink of an eye.

Excellent natural camouflage on Jack by Mother Nature. 👍

Home the hard way..Up through the sweet smelling Gorse bushes.

And the long climb up past the lone Pine Tree, where by chance there is a possible overnight Bivvy spot, but not until I can kneel down properly as it's too difficult getting down to deck level to wriggle into a sleeping bag at the moment. Soon though. :D