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Wales May bank holiday meet 2022

So the time had come to load up the landrover and head to Dicks house to collect him and his kit :cool:

We were soon on the road to mikes place . 4hrs drive and we arrived :thumbsup:

mike was soon on hand with his trusty tractor to ferry the kit to the proposed camp area where i set to setting up the bell tent :cool:

Dick wandered of to his normal spot in the trees ... next to arrive was Paul he set his bell tent up next to mine and we were all busy getting kit squared away :thumbsup:

Adam was next to arrive and my self and Paul gave him a hand to get his tent set up and the site was buzzing with activity as we all were setting up our homes from home :)

when we were all done we wandered over to the fire pit and sat and yapped and drank mikes cider and my dark matter till the early hours of the morning :thumbsup:

Next morning we awoke to a glorious morning and we set about having breakfast :cool: Mike then took me on a walk of the boundary so when the need took me i could go out for a wander with my rifle ...

Dick and my self set to setting up the HFT course and the guys started plinking away at the targets :cool:

Paul and dick made a start on the long bow stave Paul had brought progress was hard going so we each took in turns hacking at it to get a ruff shape :)

I went for a wander with Paul who showed me many items for flora that you could eat and promptly started handing me bits of this and that to taste :cool:

As is normal on the meets all the days started to blend into one (with the help of mikes cider ) :rofl:

We had some great evenings around the fire where we all got a few sheets to the wind and had some real belly laughs ...

I wandered down to the HFT course with Dick and he spent some time with me trying to sort my rifle out as i wasnt happy with it or its performance anyways after a few hrs we had deduced that the pellets id been using we crap for the rifle so i had to scratch around to try and find some that would do for the meet :( managed to find a tin in my shooting bag that were fairly ok but not brilliant (inch group at 30 yrds )

Myself and mike did a round on the course and Mike came out on top by 5 points :thumbsup::thumbsup: i think he really enjoyed his first experience of A HFT shooting course :cool:

Paul brought his long bow down for us to try and to tell you the truth i think ive been bitten by the bug so ill be ordering a bow and some arrows when i get paid :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Im sure ive missed out many things that happened at the meet but the days all drift into one and its hard to remember what happed and when :)

I would like to thank the guys who made the effort to attended the forum fund raiser :thumbsup: Between us we raised £220 for the forum coffers a good effort by all :cool::cool::cool:

A special thank you to @Ystranc and wife for letting us stay on his land and for being the perfect host

@Paul N for taking the time to teach the bow making and for the foraging wander (im sure the uptake will be bigger at the next event )

@divebuddy for the HFT course and traveling partner and the yapps around the fire ...

All in all i had a great time with good company at an excellent location :):) ps cant wait for the next one guys

pps will remember dog treats next time :rofl:
Nice time at the meet Matt, big thanks for the work on the site and the good company. :thumbsup:
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