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New rife


Extremely Talkative
I think you’ll both be very happy with your new toys. This is my baby, I picked her up a few years back and it’s the first pcp I’ve kept for any length of time. Before this I used to chop and change far more often than I’d dare let on to my better half but this one isn’t going anywhere. The only problem I have with it is that it’s so damned accurate it doesn’t feel very sporting to hunt with but on the flip side it’s put more meat on the table than either my .22lr or hmr have and are ever likely to :)


so both the new rifles were zero>d yesterday :thumbsup: all went well and we had a giggle whist doing it :) thanks to @divebuddy for bringing me a silencer to try and then buy :) and for also bringing the bipod for @gavin to try out ... all in all a great day and night out with the rifles .. will let @gavin tell you all how he got on :whistle:


Slightly Addicted
Well what can I say what an awesome overnighter. First off would like to thank @Matt for when I got the bulls Eye on the first 30 yrd zero he shouts bulls Eye grab that man a cicar whilst pulling a pack of cigars out of his trouser pocket :thumbsup: :rofl: :rofl:

But the highlight for me was when i was woken by the dawn chorus at 5am I was laying in my bit listening to matt and dick having a snoring comp (matt won this Time)
Thinking I must get out and empty my bladder. As I got up and put my boots on I thought to myself if there is any bunnies in the field we are camped in I shall grab the rifle and take a walk around the other field
As I poked my head out I saw this to the right having its breakfast

As I looked to the right I saw 5 rabbits sat about 3yds from the hedge GAME ON
I grabbed the ultra and took a slow quiet walk up to the other field. I kept to the right hand hedge line as I knew the warrens were on the left. As I got half way up there they where about 45yds to the left of me. Pop down it went. I sat and waited for a while but I was more than happy to walk away with one for the dog. I was just buzzing to get one with the new rifle

Big thanks to matt and @divebuddy for a cracking time see you at the next one :thumbsup:
1 nil to me @Matt :whistle: