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This is a very interesting subject Keith and one close to my and LW's hearts. There is no doubt, in my mind, that the UK government is set on making its citizens more reliant than ever on the state. This gives them a greater level of control over the populace. When I wrote a thesis many years ago during study I wrote about the reduction in strikes under Margaret Thatcher's conservative government and how the sale of shares in British Gas and British Telecom had given the average person an interest in business and a sense of ownership, the net fall out being that one would not strike in an industry where there was a personal financial penalty (please be mindful that this was not too long after the miners' strike and turmoil of the early eighties). I wrote, at that time, about it heralding a new age where citizens were no longer interested on the common good, but would focus wholly on personal gain and increased consumerism. I did not realise at the time that a thesis that was intended to be controversial and provocative would, in fact, resonate twenty years later as a prediction of the future.

My belief is that we have become slaves to consumerism through no coincidence, and much less self reliant over the past two decades, and that is much to the detriment of the general public in the UK. In these days of celebrity cult status and idolisation of media figures (what do the Kardashians actually do? I still haven't worked that one out) rather than the admiration of those who have genuinely achieved something that deserves respect (Simon Weston or Sir Geoff Hurst for example).

The solution is simply to buy less stuff, be a bit more make-do-and-mend, in short be less acquisitive and to learn a few basic skills, cooking from scratch is a good one to start with. Think independently and dare to be different.

Governments, like all narcissistic organisations will rise and fall, yet we will still be here - let's keep the skillsets that ensure we will not only be here but be able to thrive.