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seasonal signs.


Slightly Addicted
A sunny mild afternoon and a having spent a morning suffering in the gym, I needed to ease life down a little with a short walk locally.
The roadside verges are coming to life, Snowdrops everywhere and the Daffodils blooming too..

With the prevailing wind from the South-West, there is little excuse for not knowing at least a rough compass direction to avoid getting totally lost.

The stone wall down the lane where I live catches the afternoon sun and as a result has come to life.
Wall Penny Wort or sometimes known as Navel Wort. The young leaves are round like old English Pennies and the older leaves look like Navels (Belly Buttons)....:D

I'm not a very knowledgeable forager but I do know the Penny Wort is not unpleasant to eat in Spring. Succulent like Cucumber and I believe much in demand in trendy posh restaurants. The inside of the leaf makes a soothing 'Wipe' for nettle or beastie stings.

I had my personal annual MOT yesterday, Cholesterol 3.1, pulse at 54 tickover, Blood pressure spot on for age and I'm not yet Gah Gah because they made me say the months of the year backwards from December, so passed the Dementia test.. Doctor said, " I don't know what you are doing, but just keep doing it"...:lol:...So if I don't get hit by a bus I might see 76 in the Summer.

Life is good and the land green and beautiful.