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Shooting accessories.


Extremely Talkative
Occasionally I feel like doing a Blue Peter with the scissors, sticky back plastic and a bog roll...:D So eyeing up an empty milk container that was lurking in the kitchen, I decided it was playtime..

Tools of the trade, and a dissected milk bottle.

Plastic half shell Pigeon decoy..with a bit of self adhesive velcro stuck where his wing roots are, and an M5 stainless bolt stuck through from the inside.

A piece of plastic re-inforcing glued inside.

Milk bottle wing with re-forcing patch and sprayed with car paint.

If I do the nut up loosely the wing flaps or at least moves a little in the wind, the velcro keeps it at about the correct alignment. Now either the Pigeons in my area need to go to SpecSavers or are a bit dim because they seem to like coming in to join my " Here's one I made earlier" brand of decoys. I'v made a few and I know I can buy super dooper electric flappers etc: but then I don't get to play with scissors and glue..

Stand by for take off...:rofl: