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Starting out!


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Evening folks,

First post!

I live in Scotland (central belt) and like many of us, covid-19 has given us a chance to reflect and find new focuses in life.

I for one have invested heavily in wild camping gear (a seperate post to document my gear will come next) but I also want to invest some time in a relaxing hobby (I'm a pretty active cyclist/runner/gym addict) so I want to get into fishing.

For £40, i bought a BEACH sea fishing rod and reel, along with a small daiwa spinning rod which I hope to take on camping trips with me, plus a box of tackle including a priest, some floats, assortment of hooks and lures/spinners.

Question is, what kind of fishing is best?

I live on the banks of the river forth and figured I'd like sea fishing but have been told it can get quite messy etc. However, I like the idea of fishing from a beach, pier or a boat. I'm guessing if I went wild camping then a small spinning rod with lures would be ideal?


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Hi there followthesun, nice of you to join the forum😁 and welcome. If you could pop over to the welcome section and introduce yourself it will allow all the members to welcome you aboard 👍🏻

a small spinning rod is a great way to start fishing, suited to sea and freshwater,

what kind of fishing is the best? You ask , well!! This conversation could go on for a long time, lots off opinions with that question 😂 for me it’s carp and fly fishing. But I do dabble in all kinds.


The spinning rod, half a dozen silver feathers and a small breakaway weight (just heavy enough to let you cast over a decent distance) are a fun way to fish when the whitebait bring the mackerel into shore.
Fair to say that there are far fewer than when I first fished this way off Penmon point on Angelsey ove 40 years ago but it's still a fun way to get a meal.
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