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Thirty steps

Scuffling about in my storage container yesterday, which because of various lock down restrictions I hadn't been anywhere near for many weeks, I discovered some old kit that had been long neglected, so I thought I would rectify that today.

Mid morning and it's warm and sunny, so I decided a bit of off road walking, a try out out of an old favourite and on the way home a challenge that I have been avoiding. My last trip with my LK 35 was a brief but extremely painful one...downstairs at speed...:lol: So today I thought we should get reacquainted and become friends again.

9 Lbs empty, I have fitted a padded waist belt and two Swedish webbing pouches. Weighed just before I left home it was 22 lbs with the usual day kit and 1.5 litres of water and some cereal bars aboard. I've been increasing my carried load gradually over a period of time, today was first time above 20 lbs.


Today the Lake is flat calm in the warm sunshine which makes the reflections in the water appear like upside down copies of the tree line.

Hungry fishermen like this Cormorant eye the surface from their perches while the Mallards totally ignore him.

The lakeside banks are thick with Wild Flowers.

I climbed up the rough grassy hillside on the opposite shore of the lake. It's hard going but a soft landing if I fall over, and there's a brew planned at the top.
Made it...

Swiss Army Volcano cooker..I dug it out yesterday and as I've been using the BCB Fire Gel cooker I thought I would give the Volcano a go with the Fire Gel instead of using twigs for fuel. I cut an old food tin up yesterday and made a little rough Gel 'Tray' rather than just pour the Gel onto the base of the cooker.


The photo above is not blurred...that's steam up!...:lol: I judged the fuel tray size about right, as the water boiled and there was still a flame alive in the cooker.


I really like the Swiss cooker. It's self contained, cup, lid, Water bottle which can be carried full, all in one unit. The grass was wet, but it's only necessary to scratch a tiny bare patch as the cooker leaves no fire scar and also it can be multifuel, wood, Gel or Hexi type fuel if desired.

Walking home along the woodland edge an unusual leaf movement caught my eye. On closer inspection I saw it wasn't leaves but Man's laziness.

Not necessarily a 'Bush Crafter,' the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path is not far away, perhaps a walker's attempt at stealth camping or even a Bird/wild Life watcher using a hide.

Whoever it was....I'm not impressed...I couldn't cut it down, just too high and difficult on wobbly legs, but I'll go back when I can and free the tree from the strangling junk left by man.

Apart from bringing the Volcano back to life, today's wander was a personal bottle test...There is a route home that a few months ago I would run (jog) up carrying a Bergan, but which is now a major objective to be overcome.


30 stone steps, sometimes slippery and not all quite of even height..

Half way up, looking back down towards the lake

Next section..

And the final push..

Looking back..Who dares the stairs ...wins...:rofl:

Home now safe and sound ..I've Just realised, today is The Ides of March, on this day poor old Julius Caesar found out who his friends were not...:lol:


Great to see that you're getting your fitness back Sax, it may seem like a long slow grind but I'm bloody amazed at how far you've come on in your recovery...and how fast. As far as the poly rope tied around a tree, that is my pet hate however that ash tree looks to have die back lesions so don't take any unnecessary risks on its behalf, its already a gonna.