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Neo Luddite Prepared Survivalist.
times certainly are changing, it has been said that if Italy elects a right wing pm-as is likely- it will be the end of the EU, and not before time.
the old orders are being swept aside, it is time for "the people" to be heard, instead of being ignored for so long.
I think it is a revolution, maybe a soft revolution but a revolution of sorts.


Extremely Addicted
I agree - the EU is likely to be a "house of cards" situation with Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal keenly watching how our Brexit deal goes - my guess is that if it goes through those countries are likely to start their leave campaigns and then the fiasco that is the EU is over (about time too in my view, far from uniting Europe it seems to have moved into a divisive phase over recent years and caused more problems than it has solved).