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Waiting game.

'Appy days matey.
Did they not do another home visit then, or did I miss that somewhere?
Hi MT, no home visit, just sent through.
I reduced my guns before cert expired, by a few as some hadn’t been out of the cabinets since last home visit
Kept 2 x 12 and 1 x 20g O/U’s ?
Again, be careful to check the exact wording to make sure that you’re allowed to continue using your firearms.
After you raised this I emailed the firearms team at Stafford police, as to whether I could carry on using my guns.
There reply.

"Good morning,
We issue temporary permits to cover applicants while their renewals are being processed. Unfortunately you cannot buy ammo on a temporary.
Rest assured I have checked your record and you are covered.
Kind regards."

Bit unfortunate about the not being able to buy ammo, it's a good job I stocked up well in advance, init. 😉😁
If it’s shotgun ammunition then it would be legal for a 3rd party to buy it on their SGC and gift it to you as you do not require a shotgun certificate to be in possession of cartridges containing 5 or more shot. You only need the SGC to be able to buy cartridges.
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Aware of that matey.
Got plenty for around the farm, and on my last slab of clay cartridges. But if I run out of clay cartridges one of the peeps we shoot as a group with will do that for me.
Well I hope they will. 🤣
Aware of that matey.
Got plenty for around the farm, and on my last slab of clay cartridges. But if I run out of clay cartridges one of the peeps we shoot as a group with will do that for me.
Well I hope they will. 🤣
To be honest it’s as much about passing that info onto others who may not know or understand the fine distinctions of licensing law.
I'm sure your shooting buddies will help out, the shooting fraternity tends to be like that…after all, next year it might be them stuck with a section 7 permit.
To be honest I can't understand why they changed from an extension letter to a S7. Didn't they used to get a black mark on their record for issuing unnecessary S7s.
I suppose they have the "extraordinary circledances" excuse now. But how long will that last?
I would have thought that a SGC renewal would have been a formality. I can understand a go slow on new applications for FAC or SGC but renewals are time sensitive.
It should be.
There's already a marker on medical records so the quack can inform police if owt is untoward, quick chat to your reference to see if your a nice peeps and bobs your mom's bruda. Call over WhatsApp to see your security jobs done. What could be simpler?
Well, I emailed staffs feo yesterday as my s7 runs out next Saturday. Had a reply back this morning to say my new licence is in the post.

I hope its the sgc and not another s7.
I must say that your local constabulary seem to have left you dangling for an unreasonable length of time. Hopefully you’re right and it’s your SGC.
I’ve never heard of section 7 permits being used in this way, they’re supposed to be for beneficiaries of estates who inherit firearms, so they have a limited period of time to sell them. (usually six months). They’re not supposed to be able to buy ammunition or use the firearms during that time, only sell them. For quite a few years my Father was a firearms liaison officer for Merseyside Police and his opinion was also that someone had fallen down on the job.
The other point is that section 7 permits are supposed to be issued free of charge so according to their own guidelines your new license should begin from the date of issue, not when your old shotgun certificate ran out because technically since you have not been able to buy shotgun shells during the interim period you have not enjoyed all the benefits of a shotgun certificate.
I think they'd be claiming the old "unusual circumstances" card.
They seem to be getting further behind. When I called in March they were on November's so 4 or so months. Mine was Jan and its now Aug so 7 months or so. This may explain why I've not even had a phone call or had to do the Dr's thing (renewal went in a day or so before that started 😏) thank goodness, just trying to get them pushed through for the easy cases.
Waiting for the little red van now. 😄😄