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  1. Keith

    Uses For Charcoal & Wood Ashes.

    Uses For Wood Ashes & Charcoal. For removing fur from animal skins. As lye for making soap. I have washed my hands using water and wood ashes. Spread around plants to stop slugs and snails. As garden fertilizer. For controlling mites on chooks and other fowls. Charcoal as a water filter...
  2. H

    Suggestions for alternatives to Ruger 10/22

    What other .22 rifles would you suggest I look at for shooting rabbits at 30 - 70 yards? I like the idea of a Ruger 10/22, mainly because it's a semi-auto but also from what I've read/heard it seems like a good, reliable no nonsense rifle which won't break the bank. My budget is about £400 -...