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  1. Keith


    I recently started a discussion on Reddit (I have since cancelled my registration!) regarding the lack of support shown to muzzle-loader owners by the rest of the firearms community. As an example I mentioned that I had started a petition to have reproduction flintlock, wheellock & matchlock...
  2. Keith

    Survival Primitive Tools/weapons. A Flintlock Sword.

    An 18th century German hunting sword with attached flintlock pistol.
  3. Keith

    Hunter Gatherer All About Flintlocks. Part Ten. Making A Hammer Cap.

    A hammer cap, also called a hammer stall, is used as a safety device. Half cock on the lock is the safety, but the hammer cap is a secondary safety device just in case the gun should "go off half cocked". In which case the gun flint would simply hit the leather hammer cap & the gun would not...
  4. Keith

    Hunter Gatherer All About Flintlocks. Part Eight. The Shot Pouch.

  5. Keith

    Hunter Gatherer All About Flintlocks. Part Five. Locks.

    On the left you will see the Snaphaunce lock. Note the shape of the steel to the far right on this lock, it resembles a hammer. This is where the term "Hammer" originally came from when referring to the locks steel. Frizzen is a modern term for the steel. Here is another image of a snaphaunce...