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plant tinder

  1. Keith

    Skills Gunpowder Tinder Fire Lighting.

    Please take care if using this method, you do not need much black powder to make it work! Keith.
  2. Keith

    Skills Recognising/identifying Punk Wood & More Part Three Final

  3. Keith

    Skills Recognising/identifying Punk Wood & More Part Two.

  4. Keith

    Skills Recognising/identifying Punk Wood & More Part One.

    Punkwood/Punk wood/Wildfire is a plant tinder used in flint & steel fire lighting, Fire-Bow fire lighting & many other methods of primitive fire lighting. This tinder can be found where ever there is a forest or woodlands world wide. Keith.
  5. Keith

    Skills No "charcloth" Flint & Steel Fire Lighting.

  6. Keith

    Bushcraft Recognising Punk Wood.

  7. Keith

    Survival My Fire Lighting Equipment.

    My greased leather fire bag. My brass tinderbox with charred plant tinder & a musket flint. My original 18th century fire steel. Copies of various fire steels are readily available, or you can make your own from an old metal file.
  8. Keith

    Making Fire. Plant Tinders. Recognising/identifying Punk Wood & More.