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water tanks

  1. Keith

    What Have You Done Of Late That Might Further Your Chances Of Survival?

    I took a trip into the city early this morning & renewed my firearms licence. On the way back I dropped into the pump shop & purchased an electric water pump for pumping water from the lower catchment tank to the upper tank that feeds the main house. Keith.
  2. Keith

    We Just Had A Doozy Of A Storm!

    The forest shelters us from the wind, but I am surprised the thunder didn't make me jump! It was without a doubt the biggest loudest crack I have ever heard. Sheet lightening I think, directly over the main house! Lots of rain so as soon as the storm started to move away & went outside & pumped...
  3. Keith

    Homesteading Bought A New Generator.

    We have had 5 days of overcast & rain in a row. The power is still holding but as my Wife had to take one of our Granddaughters shopping today I got her to pick up a new generator whilst she was in the city. This one has a Kabota petrol engine with a 6 hour running time & is 5.5 KVA. Our main...
  4. Keith

    Food & Water Collecting Your Own Rainwater Supply. Requested Topic.

    We have 4 rainwater tanks for the main house (Linstock), the main house garden & the main house outside laundry. The same 5000 gallon tank that feeds the outside laundry also feeds Elm Cottage via a 12 volt pump under the cottage. Both houses are solar powered. The lower cement 5000 gallon...