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post shtf

  1. Keith

    Any Thoughts?

    L'Île au Guerdain Jersey. Any thoughts on the advantages of moving to the islands post shtf? Jersey, Isle of Wight or Guernsey? I camped out on Jersey many years ago, that is where I first learnt to peel spuds with a clasp knife. We had to carry water back to camp from one of the roadside...
  2. Keith

    Skills Making A Bark Knife Sheath.

    I used stringybark for this project, you won't have many of these in the UK as they are not a native, so I suggest that if you want to try & make one of these that you experiment with the species of trees you have growing locally. The finished knife sheath covered in leather & beaded.
  3. Keith

    Cottage Economy, By William Cobbett

    I have not had the time to read right through this as yet, but it looks like it may be very interesting. http://www.gutenberg.org/files/32863/32863-h/32863-h.htm
  4. Keith

    Survival Information On Antique Firearms Laws Uk

    If you do not want to be on any gun register, then purchasing an antique gun is the legal answer. New laws are being introduced to the UK regarding antique cartridge guns, but as far as I know, no changes involve muzzle-loading firearms...
  5. Keith

    Survival Cannons For Retreat Defence.

    At this present time, owning a cannon would be frowned upon, but after it has all gone to hell in a hand cart & there is no longer any law enforcement to protect us:rofl::rofl::rofl:, then anything goes, right? So, if you are looking for some big guns, now is the time to get them. You can pick...
  6. Keith

    Traps & Supplies.

    After tshtf, one of the best methods of obtaining meat will be through trapping. To make this method even more successful, you need to set up a trap line. You can make a variety of traps depending on what quarry you are after, & this can include fish traps. For many traps you need nothing to...